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CloudOffice® ERP


Plan and manage the resources of your company


User-friendly system collects data about the work processes in the company. You make management decisions, plan the resources and optimise the work more easily

Companies choose CloudOffice® ERP because:

  • Old programs and accounting systems are inconvenient. They slow down work processes and the company’s development
  • Business-processes in the company are complex. The employees work in different programs, it is difficult and expensive to integrate numerous platforms
  • There is a need for one single protected system, where employees keep records, plan work time, manage orders and forecast sales
  • The management department is searching for one single system to plan the company’s work more easily

years on the marke

projects completed
hours saved

CloudOffice® ERP works perfectly in small and medium-sized enterprises

When your business grows, CloudOffice® ERP grows with it. If you need additional features, we will add extra modules. We set up a system that takes all business processes of your company into account

What challenges does CloudOffice® ERP address

we solve common client problems through business automation



The enterprise had a complex production process that was different for each new deal with the customer.

The management department spent many hours analysing deviations in the production process, calculating the profit on each deal.


We visited the office and production plant of the enterprise, communicated with the managers and department heads.

We automated the process of collecting, registering and analysing information and integrated a cloud-client system to provide instant access to information

Now, department managers review business transactions, analyse cost accounts and generate reports with a few clicks on their smartphones

All work was done in the CloudOffice® ERP system

The ERP-system makes business processes more efficient

Efficiency and effectiveness   CloudOffice® ERP unites all departments of the company: employees interact and share information faster. The managers make decisions based on complete and objective information
Complete orders faster
Store less inventory
Spend less money on material resources
Produce more goods
Inventory turnover
Labour input and accounting   The platform creates one single information field for all personnel. The employees work with data, add documents and create and complete tasks regardless of their location. One single process automatically generates others
Decrease labour input in different departments
Make management reporting faster
Prepare regulated reporting faster
More than 1 million companies worldwide trust the platform on which we have built CloudOffice® ERP

CloudOffice® ERP modules

Production management
  • identification of weaknesses in the company
  • planning and stock distribution
  • workflow optimisation
  • raw materials processing
  • cost calculation in the plans
  • toll processing accounting
Stock management
  • inventory management and tracking
  • notifications about stock expiration in the warehouse
  • inventory planning
CRM system
  • Kanban board to manage leads
  • SMS and e-mail distribution
  • call logging
Purchase management
  • supplier-based management
  • price lists
  • purchase volumes planning
  • delivery schedule
Personnel management
  • personnel records
  • payroll
  • individual access levels for employees
Service system
  • staff work time planning and tracking
  • billing time transfer
Sales management
  • sales planning
  • analytics and sales dynamics
  • pricing
  • multicurrency
  • commission sales accounting
Financial management
  • planning and plan implementation monitoring
  • budgeting
  • financial accounting
  • banking
Integration modules
  • websites via their CMS
  • personal accounts
  • accounting system
  • any other external system
Project management
  • calculation of the expenses and income for each project
  • planning for each project

Plan and work more conveniently

Learn how CloudOffice® ERP can rearrange business-processes in your company

Get more possibilities for company management

Stay connected to your business anywhere with the mobile application CloudOffice® Client:

  • Work with bills, reports, invoices in your smartphone
  • Give your employees access to the system through the mobile app
  • Integrate additional functions for employees

Together we design a system, tailored to the business processes at your enterprise

The smart software increases the efficiency of your business. It also stores and processes data, and helps you manage all the processes in the company