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CloudOffice® – Plan and Automate Warehouse Operations


Your warehouse works faster.
User-friendly program marks goods,
scans barcodes, maintains inventory tracking

With CloudOffice® You Manage Warehouses More Efficiently, Even If There Are Many Complex Processes at the Plant

We are able to easily adapt the system to the needs of your enterprise by adding or
developing new features, or by integrating software with the services you work with

Companies Choose CloudOffice® When They Need to Improve Stock Management

Distribution and retail networks
The system manages several warehouses at once and synchronises data among them. You can easily track goods even if you have thousands of items stored


Production companies
The program keeps records of raw materials, produced goods and order deliveries, in addition to generating barcodes and marking items


Pharmaceutical companies
CloudOffice® keeps records of serial numbers and consignments, checks expiration dates, prints the stickers with warning information foritems and chemicals


Online stores
The program integrates with the website database and automatically downloads the information about product availability based on inventory status


Safe storage warehouses (3PL)

The system keeps all the information about clients and suppliers and synchronises stock balance data




Benefits of Your Warehouses with CloudOffice®

You automate daily warehouse operations
The program helps employees find goods in the warehouse quickly, registers collected items, generates stickers and shipment documents
Speed up stock-taking
The storekeeper quickly scans items in the warehouse in a mobile application. The program adds data to the cloud system and corrects inventory status
Track inventory balance
You get information about movement of goods and inventory status any time and plan purchases
Track all processes in one single program
The employees register orders, control the arrival of goods and their shipment to the customers without additional programs
Work with different inventory information
The program registers items according to specified parameters: consignment, serial number, expiration date, storage cells
Keep your company unique
You specify a new feature or an existing problem – we then offer a solution and add new features to the program

CloudOffice® Adapts to the Sphere of Your Business

Our clients already use CloudOffice® to automate inventory accounting 


Distribution company

United information about thousands
of items from 10 warehouses in different
cities of Sweden in one single system


Simplified the accounting of reagents
in the warehouse by consignments and
serial numbers, added a special label

Paint and varnish manufacturer

Analysed the expenditure, simplified
cost calculation in production

CloudOffice® – a Convenient Tool for Stock Management:

  • Keep warehouse records without additional programs
  •  Register movement of goods in the warehouse quickly
  •  Work with several warehouses in one single system
  •  Speed up stock-taking
  •  Generate a single document for balance corrections from different warehouses
  •  Analyse data regarding balance and movement of goods
  •  Get notifications about stock expiration
  •  Record working hours of storekeepers
  •  Scan barcodes in the mobile application
  •  Store items in the designated location
  •  Keep records of toll processing
  •  Print stickers and barcodes in the warehouse
  •  Integrate portable data collection terminals, printers, scanners, scales and other

Connect CloudOffice® with Your Accounting Systems

If you already use other accounting programs and online store platforms, we will integrate CloudOffice® with them.

You exchange documents within these systems with 100% accuracy. If you use a cloud system, we will incorporate it to CloudOffice®

Learn how CloudOffice® can help your company make stock-taking faster