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Your New Business Administration System: From Billing to Reporting


Integrate your accounting, manage warehouses and sales, and customise the program according to your operations. Use the system to track goods, generate accounting entries and reports

CloudOffice®: Manage Your Business with Only a Few Clicks

The system keeps records and optimises purchases. You process purchase orders quickly and send them to suppliers. The program keeps the purchase history and generates reports. You can check your stock level and price changes at any time.
You store and process data from different warehouses and suppliers in one single program. The system saves days and weeks on stocktaking. You can easily receive incoming goods and label them, change vendor codes, scan barcodes, print stickers
You can easily register the incoming orders manually or receive them from the website automatically. You get quick access to sales statistics and price details. The system automatically generates value-added tax statements, balance sheets and business results The system generates value-added tax statements, balance sheets and business results automatically

CloudOffice® Client – Manage the Company with Your Smartphone

You get access to all CloudOffice® features on your phone. The interface adapts to the resolution of any device.

Work time accounting for employees
Barcode scanning
Registration of calls from clients and suppliers in the CRM
Employee tracking by location

Issues That CloudOffice® Solves

We solve common client problems through business automation



The online store needed to automate the accounting of orders, the work of the warehouse and generation of reports to tax agencies.
The company used to work manually: transactions were received from the site or manually exported into Excel documents. Some of the orders got lost or were registered late


We examined the document management system and organisation of work with customers and suppliers.

The whole workflow was automated: from downloading orders from the site to sending emails to the customers and generating tax reports.

Now the client can focus on expanding the business rather than solving problems with paperwork

Run Your Business More Easily with CloudOffice®

Address the needs of your enterprise with smart automation. With our system, you get:

  • Single system. You store data and manage employees in one place. The project work thereby becomes easier
  • Automation of routine processes. Recurring processes run automatically and do not take up your time and attention any more
  • The system is designed for company growth. The program includes modules that your company will need as it grows
  • Cloud system storage. Working with the software does not depend on geographical location. You can access the data from any device, wherever you are
  • Backup included. The system archives data every night. If your computer crashes, all information is safely stored in the cloud
  • Accurate data. The program reduces the human factor. It gathers and analyses data without human interaction. You get relevant information about business processes at all times

CloudOffice® – All-Inclusive System

The program takes all business processes into account: from accounting, sales and stock management to staff work time.

You get automated business processes that take all the nuances of your work into account. The customised system is like a suit from a tailor: it fits perfectly

CloudOffice® Modules: A Ready-Made System for Your Business

  • chart of accounts
  • typical reports
  • trial balance sheet activity
  • company activity reports
  • manual entries
  • SMS mailing
  • e-mail distribution
  • calls logging
  • Kanban board
  • internal chat
Electronic workflow
  • contract invoicing
  • scanning of receipts
  • documents archiving
Service subsystem
  • work time logging
  • planning and time tracking
External modules
  • integration with external programs
  • integration with banks
  • integration with e-commerce platforms
Purchase management
  • purchase orders
  • detailed reports
  • purchase planning tool
Sales management
  • offers
  • multicurrency
  • flexible price lists
Warehouse management
  • item movement documents
  • tool for mobile inventory taking
  • integration with barcode scanners, printers and scales

Customer Testimonials

Fredrik Larsson Böwe Systec AB

– We started using the system exactly as it was delivered, i.e. “out of the box”. Together with the CloudOffice support, we went through all the processes to check that everything suited us. It turned out very well, just as it works now. Everything is great, we are very happy!
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Awad Yusuf Globalfish Sweden AB

– Our company manages all sales operations in Cloudoffice and everything has been running smoothly since its implementation. We have a colleague in the sales department who did not even have that long experience working with online systems, but he now handles all daily tasks, places customer orders, makes printouts, creates delivery notes and more. That’s what I like about the system, that it is advanced and can be adapted to solve different problems. If we have any challenge, I’m sure the system can find a solution.
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CloudOffice®: A System Tailored to the Needs of Your Business

We adapt the cloud program to address client needs. We will visit your office or plant and explore the details of your work process. Afterwards, we will create a solution that meets your needs.

We may also implement additional functionality from other projects into your system, with no additional cost

Our client saved more than three weeks of work time by using CloudOffice® to perform the inventory count of thousands of items located in ten different warehouses.