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CloudOffice® Client


Accounting and Business Management in Your Smartphone


Get full access to all CloudOffice® system features with your mobile app

CloudOffice® Client: Integrate the Work of Your Employees into One Single Cloud System

Employees use mobile devices for work: in the warehouse, the office and at meetings with customers and contractors. All the data and functionality of the CloudOffice system is always available

How Does Your Business Benefit from the CloudOffice® Client?

Get direct access to the main system through the mobile application
You are able to work with company data: in the office, in the warehouse or on the road with few clicks
Company data is stored on a secure server
Even if your mobile device breaks or goes missing, the data will remain securely stored in a reliable cloud system
The program runs independently of the location and network
Billing information, staffing table and order statuses are always available globally
Find important reports within a few minutes
Explore general statistics, product information, order registration and invoicing through your smartphone
Use your phone as a barcode scanner
Scan barcodes directly in the warehouse through the device camera. Storekeepers are able to collect orders faster
Create documents on your phone
Register documents, take photos of receipts and upload everything to the system in the user-friendly interface

Achieve More with the CloudOffice® Client

  • We have integrated a GPS tracker into the system so that you can keep track of your employees. You can always view the current location of your staff and their work process. Outlining the work schedule and creating invoices in the user-friendly interface is very convenient
  • The program stores call data of employees, clients and suppliers. You can rest assured that contact information is never lost
  • Storing invoices and important documents in the system is very convenient – simply upload a photo of the invoice from your smartphone. The app will then upload it to the system immediately
  • The smart system stores all data. You can bring up work time statistics, review tax reports, check accounts and bills and view calls with customers or suppliers even for the previous year

Let Your Business Achieve More with CloudOffice®

Install the CloudOffice® Client and get access to all CloudOffice® modules

Track Real-Time Changes

We have configured the system so that you receive all new information immediately on your device. Even if internet access is lost, the information will be updated immediately when your network connection is restored



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How Much Does the CloudOffice® Client Cost?

Leverage the benefits of CloudOffice® Client only for 10 euro / month