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Globalfish Sweden AB chose CloudOffice to solve their challenges

Fish wholesale business

Globalfish Sverige AB, a wholesale company that sells seafood to large food chains and restaurants may be newly started, but the experience from the industry is long. After 20 years in the market they knew what they needed, what problems they wanted to solve. Two of them were traceability and batch management!

Quick implementation

Awad Yusuf is the CEO of Globalfish Sweden AB and says that as a start-up company, they were looking for a business application well-suited for wholesalers, one that could help them with, amongst other things, traceability and batch management. They soon came in contact with CloudOffice – and they are very pleased with the results.
Shortly CloudOffice had been implemented and Globalfish could start working on its new system.

– Everything took a week, Awad says, including the development of the new features that we needed. We described our requirements regarding the system and when our account was completed, the new features were included. CloudOffice support helped us with the loading of all registers, such as products, prices, customers, suppliers etc.
Furthermore, the new functions were developed at no extra charge, in addition to the ongoing costs.

Powerful and user-friendly

Now Globalfish manages all sales operations in Cloudoffice and everything has been running smoothly since its implementation. Awad’s colleague in the sales department did not even have that long experience working with online systems, but he now handles all daily tasks, places customer orders, makes printouts, creates delivery notes and more. Awad himself also works in the system.

This is exactly what CloudOffice does, building up a system that is powerful and with many functions, but still user-friendly.

– That’s what I like about the system, Awad says, that it is advanced and can be adapted to solve different problems. If we have any challenge, I’m sure the system can find a solution.

Time-saving and easy

Which parts work better and easier now that Globalfish has started using CloudOffice?

Batch management, integration with Fortnox programs, and reports. We like the massive reports that the program provides us.

Another positive surprise for Globalfish was the Related Document feature of CloudOffice, which really facilitates the user and provides control.

– There is also something else that I have never seen in other programs. That is that the program shows structure of linked documents for every document in the system. That means that you see all records in the document flow and you won’t lose any information. You have control in the system.

Only Benefits

Awad sees no disadvantages with CloudOffice and no wonder.

-No, says Awad, we have been using the program for quite some time and we do not experience any problems.
I must add that the program is very extensive and advanced. To customize the system, you need help from CloudOffice support. It is unusual for applications to have such great adaptability that CloudOffice offers.

This is true! It is CloudOffice’s goal that every customer is provided with a customized system that solves all aspects, even their specific needs. We keep in close contact with our customers and respond in case they might need our advice or help with customizations, data load settings and other things.

What about operating procedures then, did these have to be changed after CloudOffice came into the picture?

– We started using CloudOffice from day one. That is, all business processes were built in such a way that they are supported and supplemented by CloudOffice, Awad says.
We are satisfied and everything works well!

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