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In search for total control – Böwe Systec AB found the solution!

Böwe Systec postal machines

Böwe Systec AB needed a new, adapted business system for their entire business flow, from inventory systems to customer invoices.
They chose CloudOffice.

Complete integration solution

Let us introduce you to Fredrik Larsson, Service Manager and Product Manager at Böwe Systec AB, one of 20 subsidiaries of a worldwide company with 75 years of experience and with a total of about 1000 employees. In Sweden, however, the company is small, only 8 employees. The company offers service and sales of machines for enveloping, packaging and card machines and – just like CloudOffice – they provide tailor-made solutions to meet their customer’s needs. The head office is located in Augsburg, Germany and Böwe Systec basically operates worldwide, from Europe to Japan and the US. The company has been on the Swedish market since 1991.

When it comes to business programs, Böwe Systec previously used a web-based system that, by all means, did the job. However, Fredrik says that they were not completely satisfied with the program, as it did not fully meet their expectations. They needed more flexibility and felt the time was right for a change. For two years, Böwe Systec is now a satisfied CloudOffice customer!

– Since we stock quite a few items, we needed a system that could provide us with a complete solution; taking care of stock management, creating purchase orders and then proceed all the way to requests, sales orders, deliveries and customer invoices, Fredrik says. Additionally, it was important for us that the system could be integrated with “Fortnox” since the company’s accounting is handled in it.

Several flexible advantages

The previous system that Böwe Systec used, solved these tasks, so what did they actually achieve by switching to CloudOffice?

– The advantage of CloudOffice, compared to our previous program, is that the other one is built for larger companies and there is no possibility to modify it, Fredrik explains. If we add new, special features, then CloudOffice is able to adapt this for us. CloudOffice works very well. They have helped us with the specifics we want to obtain. The integration between CloudOffice and “Fortnox” works great. Everything within stock balance, inventory, products – all the way from purchase to delivery and invoicing. All about the work becomes so much easier! In addition, the follow-ups on invoices, for example, are also more efficient now.

Good support

Now, you might think that switching from one business system to another might mean too much hassle, and above all, that it could be pretty time consuming before start-up even would be possible. But if so, you are mistaken. For Böwe it only took two weeks to get started with the implementation, before Fredrik and his colleagues could start working in CloudOffice.

– We started using the system exactly as it was delivered, i.e. “out of the box”. Together with the CloudOffice support, we went through all the processes to check that everything suited us. It turned out very well, just as it works now. Everything is great, we are very happy!

We were able to start the system quickly and perform basic operations. When we had questions, we received good support.

Easy and time-efficient

Now Böwe Systec uses the new business program for the entire business process and the employees appreciate that it is so user-friendly.

– We run the entire workflow from the moment we need a product and we hence make a purchase order. Then we run everything with stock, incl. inventory in CloudOffice. If we use the product ourselves, we write it off from the warehouse, smoothly. Alternatively, if we sell a product, we create a sales order, then we deliver and create a customer invoice.

All information is sent to Fortnox so that the accountant has all the information in the program. Everything is done automatically.

Of course, it is important that everyone in a company is comfortable with the implementation of a new program. So how did it go? Was it easy getting used to the program?

– You can use the system in different ways, Fredrik says and continues: To start, you do not need to know 100%. The basics come very quickly. It’s very, very simple. You can run the entire chain from purchase order to customer invoice in 30 seconds. Just click and everything comes in a flow! It’s fast, you do not have to make a new document all the time. It is very time efficient!

Planning for the future

Fredrik seems more than happy with his new system and can actually not see any disadvantages with it at all. Quite the contrary, he can definitely recommend CloudOffice to other companies.
However, Böwe Systec having made the implementations so far, will not leave it at that. They have plans for the future regarding CloudOffice. Recently they hired a few more employees and they have now learned the basics of the program. Within soon Böwe Systec can start with other things that they want to develop, Fredrik says.

Among other things, a so-called ABC-analysis is considered, i.e a report that helps with customer and product analyses for optimization of the flows. They have also acquired several new features in the program already.

– Yes, we have ordered several new system configurations, Fredrik says, such as inventory change report, cost centers, various printing templates, planning tools, work schedules, work orders and stock-taking via mobile app. Planning schedules and work orders are something we want to start with soon.

The next phase we want to develop is to be able to read barcodes in our warehouse system.

It’s the next step!

For more information about CloudOffice, please visit cloudoffice.se