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Batch numbers and serial numbers

Batch and serial numbers management

There are various types of goods that require accounting by batches and individual product units. For this reason batch numbers and serial numbers are used.

Such goods are usually labeled at production, then information can be found in the accounting system at the manufacturer and those who are selling these products.

Using these numbers, you can retrospectively track, for example, which components or raw materials were used to produce the products. Among other things, this allows you to identify the causes of problems, if they arise after the goods are sold.


Difference between batch and serial numbers

Batch number is a number belonging to a certain amount of goods that have the same characteristics and are produced by a batch (series). Using the batch number you can trace production date, expiration date and other specifications of the goods in this batch.

Serial number is a unique number that belongs to a specific product unit. By this number you can determine a specific unit of products, features of this unit, production date, composition of the product and other unique specifications that you need to control.


Where the batch numbers and serial numbers are used

Batch numbers are used where goods are produced in batches and their properties are considered the same for all goods in the batch.
Examples where batch numbers can be applied:

  • food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • varnishes and paints
  • chemicals

Serial numbers are used where you need to keep records of individual units of products.
Examples where serial numbers can be used:

  • mobile phones
  • construction machines
  • computers
  • cars


Our solution

To account batches and serial numbers, the accounting system must have the appropriate functionality. Below we give some examples of how such accounting is implemented in the CloudOffice accounting system.


How CloudOffice can help you

CloudOffice system has full support for both batch numbers and serial numbers.


Maintaining records by batch numbers and serial numbers

For each product from the Products catalogue, you can specify whether it is necessary to keep records by batches or serial numbers. Depending on this, each time the goods are selected in the documents, it is necessary to indicate the corresponding batch or serial numbers.


Selecting products by batches and serial numbers upon sale

When selling goods, the system will indicate which batch numbers or serial numbers are available. You can select them and put them in the sales document. That means that there is no need to search for this information manually, the system will automatically show all the data regarding available batches.


Stock statement report by batches and serial numbers

The stock statement by batches and serial numbers allows you to obtain information regarding specific batches and goods that were purchased, sold, produced, moved between warehouses, etc. By batch or serial numbers you will receive complete information about when it was purchased or manufactured, and to whom it was sold.


Stock balance report by batches and serial numbers

The report allows you to get information about which batches and goods are in stock at the current moment or were in stock by a specified date.


Report over the expiration dates

If you indicate the expiration date for batches, the report will show you when the date expires for the goods that you have in stock or that have been sold to your customers.


Storing batch information, such as certificates, test results etc

Batch and serial numbers can be supplemented with any data you need.
For example, you can store such data as:

  • production date
  • expiration date
  • test results
  • certificates etc


Barcode scanner

CloudOffice system allows you to generate barcodes for products by batches or serial numbers. Later, when scanning a barcode, the system will find the batch or serial number and you can get complete information about the product you scanned.

You can connect a barcode scanner to the CloudOffice program. In addition, you can use the CloudOffice mobile client to read barcodes using your mobile phone. Read more about the mobile client on the page Mobile client


Printing labels with batches and serial numbers

CloudOffice allows you to generate and print custom labels for labeling batches of products. In such labels, you can display not only information about article number and description, but also the production date, expiration date, warning signs and other information that is associated with batches or serial numbers for this product.

CloudOffice mobile client has the ability to print labels directly using a mobile label printer. You can label products with individual labels directly at the production or at the warehouse where the products are received. Read more about the mobile client on the page Mobile client


Integration with Fortnox and other accounting systems

Many companies need to work with batches or serial numbers, but their accounting program does not provide the necessary functions that CloudOffice does. For such cases, we offer integrations between CloudOffice and other accounting systems.

CloudOffice will keep records of sales, purchases and production and will transfer all necessary data to your accounting program, for example customer invoices, supplier invoices, data on warehouse changes. Information about batch and serial numbers will be shown in the form of comments on the product lines in the documents.

We have implemented full integration between CloudOffice and the Fortnox program. If you use Fortnox, but you need additional functions, we will be happy to integrate your Fortnox account with CloudOffice and provide all the functions that you need.

Read more about Fortnox integration on the page Integration with Fortnox



If you need to use batches or serial numbers in your accounting, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you!